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Christopher Olivier

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“I don’t just like something just because it’s cool -

I want to know the logic behind it”



Full-time Student

Napa Valley College Napa, CA 


Major Awards:

Young Man of the Year 2018

Men Making NEWS 

Recognized for the introduction of Napa County Robotics, Community projects  through Napa County Kids Care, Christopher’s Little Free Rolling Library  and advocacy through Northern California Allergy & Asthma advocates


Youth Volunteer of the Year $1,000. 2017

Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

Recognized for my community volunteer work over the past five years through Napa County Kids Care. Collecting and shipping over 1,100 pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls. Creating and collecting over 1,400 hand-made Valentine Cards for Veterans at the Yountville Veterans Home including sending them out to Vets around the world. Successfully engaged students from American Canyon to Angwin from Kindergarten to Middle  Schoolers.  Including my work through Christopher’s Little Free Rolling  Library of running book drives at community events to hand out at emergency shelters throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties and mailing to other parts of the country. This award also acknowledged my ongoing volunteer commitment to the St. Helena Library which I began in 2013.



Founder and Team Captain; OtterBots FRC Team #7667; Napa, CA  — 2018 - Present

Created and developed the only community competitive robotics team in our county. With an emphasis on diversity by introducing 7th through 12th graders to the exciting world of First Robotics Competition (FRC). 


Founder and Executive Director; Napa County Robotics; Napa, CA — 2018 - Present  Designed an umbrella for all ages robotic programs in the North Bay. Recognized the limited availability of a multifaceted platform for our community students.  Developed a vision and outline of how to scale robotics opportunities for students beginning with high-school students and working through to lower grades. 


Engineering Captain; Leviathan Robotics; Santa Rosa, CA — Jan. 2018 - April 2018

Designed front cube intake for our team's robot to meet the 2019 FRC challenge.  Designed and machined on a vertical mill a “buddy bar” element for other robots to attach to as a competitive edge during competition. Created a lighter back elevator out of aluminium. Consulted with a team of five students and five adult mentors throughout their 2018 competitive season.


Founder; Napa County Kids Care; Napa, CA — 2016 - Present

Sharing philanthropic opportunities with kids in my community. Introduced the concept that philanthropy is not just about giving money - it's about helping in all kinds of ways such as generating over 1,400 hand-made Valentine Cards for our  Veterans at the Yountville Veterans Homes and provided a mailing of 30 cards to different states and countries. Other projects included book drives and delivering books to people affected by natural disasters and collecting shoes for  Souls4Soles and local organizations. Including various Halloween costume drives for children affected by natural disasters.


Founder; Christopher’s Little Free Rolling Library; Napa, CA — 2015 - Present

Delivering my own books to evacuated families from Middletown, CA to Calistoga  Fair Grounds. Then running ask campaigns on my health advocacy social media sites to ask for donations bringing in hundreds of books from all over California.  This expanded my efforts to reach other evacuation centres in Sonoma, Lake, and Napa Counties. I also send books out of state to families and children going through difficult times.


Co-Founding Partner; Northern California Allergy & Asthma Advocates; Napa, CA — 2014 - Present

Advocate and educator of allergic and asthma diseases. Expert witness for state legislation for the improvement of student health.


Community Volunteer; St. Helena Public Library; St. Helena, CA — 2013 - Present

Longtime patron and volunteer. Shelving and making material recommendations to children and parents and supporting children's directors with special events. Assist with technology needs and repair shelves, cabinets and various items as needed. 


Machinist Apprentice; TEM Performance Machine Shop; Napa, CA — 2010 - Present

Comfortable use of the vertical mill and capable of following CAD / Blue Print drawings. Competent use of engine lathe. The comprehensive layout of incoming parts and tear down, clean, prep and set up assembly procedures for engine work. Assist Master Machinist, along with answering telephone calls. 




English and Spanish




CVNL 4th Annual Heart of Napa Awards Youth Judge  — February 2019


Sylvan Learning Center; Grand STEM Challenge Regionals — July 2017


Sylvan Learning Center; The National Grand STEM Challenge — October 2016


CVNL 2nd Annual Heart of Napa Award Nominee — March 2016


STATE OF CALIFORNIA Senate  — October 11, 2014

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