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What is FRC?

          FIRST Robotics Competition, more commonly known as FRC, is the highest level of robotic challenges that FIRST provides. FRC provides a yearly challenge for which FRC teams must create a robot in six weeks. Each year, FRC has a kickoff event, held on the first Saturday of January, at which teams learn what each year's challenge will be. After that, the teams have six weeks to create their robot before they must put their robot away in a  process known as "bag n tag". Bag n tag is run completely on an honors system, with each team being expected to literally place their robot in a plastic bag for the weeks up until competitions begin. You are not allowed to change anything on your robot during that time. However, you are allowed to create a second bot to test and practice with, known as a practice bot. This bot cannot be used at competitions and is solely for practice and testing.

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