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EST. 2018

     The OtterBots FRC Community Team is currently made up of students from eleven schools across Napa and Sonoma Counties!

2019 Post-Season Team

Christopher Olivier - 11th 

Ava Rubin - 11th

Kennedy Wheaton - 11th

Jackson Huckaby - 11th

Tristan Heartt - 11th

Kyle Hadeler - 10th

Jasper Lowell - 9th

Emily Combs - 11th

Tom Walder - 8th

Brady Lowell - 8th

Percy Bynum - 8th

Mia Herrera - 7th

Matteo Bedolla - 7th

Charlie Martini Lamb - 7th 

To learn more about our rookie season-- 


OtterBots Headquarters is made possible due to a generous donation from TEM Performance Machine Shop


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