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Our Wish List

Below is the OtterBots Wishlist. A list of things that our team is currently on the lookout for, and hoping to find for our team. The first two are of most important to the sustainability of our community team. Please contact us if you would like to assist us with our needs.

  1. Sponsorships

  2. Mentors

  3. Your old desktop computers

  4. Hand-me down Keyboards & Monitor

  5. Overhead projector

  6. A large roll of butcher paper

  7. CNC Router

  8. 3D Printer

  9. Bottled Water

  10. Cordless Drill Set

  11. Saw Horse(s)

  12. Healthy long-shelf-life snacks

  13. Building Insulation (our workspace gets real cold and super hot)

  14. Message us if you have other items you may be looking to re-home ... we are a community team that could probably use your donations. 

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